Steering Wheel Bluetooth Remote Control

  • €27,95
  • Save €7

This Bluetooth Media Button allows you to control music at your fingertips 

This Bluetooth remote control is easy to install, Use the included mount to attach the Media Button to your steering wheel or onto bicycle handlebars.

Safe Drive -This helps you  concentrate on the road and drive carefully. Besides, it is small and compact, will not block your view of dashboard. 

1. Bluetooth 4.0: Enjoy wireless music in lower power consumption and faster signal transmission.
2. Control music with a single press by your fingertips when your smartphone is out of your reach.
3. Function: Volume up/down, prev/next song, play/pause, Siri, Home.
4. Intelligently compatible with iOS / Android(4.0 or later) smartphones and tablets.
5. Fix it onto the steering wheel of your car, keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheel.






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