Spider Prank Remote Control

  • €15,99

Realistic Infrared Remote Control Spider

Do you feel spooky when seeing this infrared remote control spider? I do. It is just like a real crawling spider with its brown fuzz and eight feet. It is a great toy for you to scare others in Halloween. Trick or Treat! Good trick toy for you!



  •  Realistic infrared remote control spider is a prank toy for trick. 
  •  Scare your friends, family members or even yourself.
  •  Can crawl like a real spider by its feet.
  •  Can control its movement by remote control, go forward and backward.
  •  Its eyes and back can issue light by pressing the switch.
  •  Eight feet allow the spider to crawl noiselessly on any smooth surface.
  •  Fun for everyone and spooky for others.